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Hello, here you can find many hacks and cheats for Clash Royale game for free. To be honest, we have decided to make this website to help people understand that only real tricks and strategies works fine. You cannot find here any mod or tool for this game, sorry. Seems like every Clash Royale hack is not even working or include viruses – we have tested a few random resources generators. Of course, we found them in the Internet and we hope you won't find them. Trust me, it's not even worth it, they can infect your system and you will loose your data details. Bigget developers really care about security and it's hard to hack clash royale app, it's illegal by the way. Instead of this, we offer you real and working tips, tricks, advices and strategies for your favourite game and we hope they will change your gameplay. With the best cheats you will be able to outsmart your enemies, build bigger imperium and make every match better. We grabbed many tricks from other sites, fanpages and forums, we have mixed it with our experience from great game and we have made this article. I guess you're looking for good guide to get unlimited gold & diamonds without download or anoying surveys. I understand, but you must believe that most of clash royale hack tools or even online generators are just a scam. Deal with it bro, that's why people like me making websites with useful advices and tutorials for games. We introduced some fresh tips and we are friendly, feel free to contact us and share your observations from the game. But remember to send us only free, real and legal methods, do do not accept fake websites, generators, surveys and other bad stuff. Enjoy our Clash Royale tips and come back as many times as you need.


for Clash Royale

How to destroy enemies and conquer the world in clash royale? Read random tips and scroll for moredetails below.

  • Read about cards and learn how they works
  • Do not rush attacks and try to not attack first
  • Join a clan and feel safe
  • Spend gold and gems wisely
  • Follow and watch well-known CR streamers and youtubers for advices
  • Wait for elixir and use it wisely
  • Play Defensively and be patient - it sounds boring but it works









clash royale hack

What about codes?

Are they even working?

Sometimes codes for games work fine, for example if you play gta or single player series like this. We talk about online app for mobile devices, so I guess there is no option to find working Clash Royale Hack and Cheats. They secured the game really good and you should forget about hacking it. We are not even talking about SSL or something like this, they just know how to protect games from hackers. Still need more gold and gems in your favourite game for android ios? No problem, we have prepared a few tricks and strategies to have more gold or just gain more faster. If you start your game with the guide, you should get a small adventage and the match will be easier thank of it. The best way to hack clash royale without spending money? Use your brain, our tactics, watch guides on youtube, facebook or vimeo and enjoy. This is the best option, because you will be satisfied of winning fights without cheats, scripts and other illegal things. More gold & gems strategy details you will find below.





clash royale cheats

Why only real cheats work?

Adventages of tips for the game

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Safe and free

You don't need to waste your money to use them, you can also forget about filling out the surveys. They are legal and safe, because tips for games cannot be illegal, you only use your brain and skills to outclass enemies. You do not break security systems or something like that. It doesn't require download, I don't even place any outgoing link on my website. I didn't install SSL on this page, because it's not necessary. But you stay safe, smarter and better then other players. Why? Thanks of Clash Royale hacks & tricks are available on this site for free. Download might be dangerous, some malwares are able to bypass your antivirus and worms can infect your device. This is another tip for you: do not look for hack tools, they only harm.

Services 2

No download required

Many fake hacks and addons for mobile apps are made to scam people. What does it mean? They ask you to fill the survey and after it nothing happens. You cannot get confirmed and tested mod or resources generator for clash royale and I think hacks for other games are designed for the same reasons. You do not need to download anything here, jusr read and get the knowledge. It's enough improve your skills and gameplay, just try to imagine yourself when you win more battles than ever.

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More Details

To be honest, gold is the most important resource in Clash of Royale since you can do everything with it. Because of the upgrades cost in this game, you are usually out of gold and gems and this is sad. Then you have to wait a few more days until you have enough gold. I'm going to show you how to save gold, how to gain this resource quickly and how to manage your expenses in the game. I want to help people who cannot pay money for CR, but they wanna play and win fights. You don’t actually need to spend your cash to be a monster in clash royale. We just want to have a good time and be competitive with other players and make the game more fair. So, here’s a guide to playing it without spending any real money at all, we hope you like it.

Useful Tricks for games

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  • Need gold and diamonds?

    The easiest way to earn gold in game is opening chests. Attempt to open them whenever you can by playing a few battles in game per a day to take money. Donating is another way to get gold. Some people think it’s stupid to give the valuable cards away. I understand, it’s very hard to get them but you can reach 5 gold and XP for common card donation and 50 gold for every Rare. You must know that gold is not taken from the player getting the card from you. It’s like you are selling cards but the buyers don’t have to pay for this, sounds good? You can donate in total 60 cards everyday, it gives a big numbers for a week or per a month. If you decide to danate, you can easily buy 1-2 epic cards from the game store per a week!

  • Another advice

    It’s much harder to get cards than the donated ones, remember about it. As long as you keep requesting cards, you are able to take your cards back. You can request three times every day and ten common cards at a time. There are two kinds of currencies- gems and gold. Use gold to upgrade your units, buy special cards and pay for new matches. Gems can be used to open chests, buy chests and also buy more gold. Save your gold early and only upgrade the cards you absolutely need to. While you can the possibility to get the cards you want from random chest drops, it’s always nice to have 2k gold in reserve to buy that epic card you’ve been waiting for a long time.

  • About other methods

    If you aren’t going to spend money for additional gems, you should learn and practice patience young padawan. I recommend spending your gems on is more gold. At start join a clan at level 3, it rewards you with a big bonus of gems. Plus, once you join a guild (they always call it clan) you can also request cards from your clan mates and get donations, sounds good? You can donate cards to your clan mates and it’s a whole lot more fun playing with friends and be the part of big guild with skilled players – they can also give you advices and help. It's important part of game, you'are not alone and you have fun with friends. You don't need any Clash Royale Cheats when nice people are with you.

  • The summary

    Playing Clash Royale without spending real dollars means it will take more time in general and that's why people still ask for Clash Royale Hack. Spending money in this game does not necessarily make you a good player, without skills you are still noob. In my opinion, not spending cash in game will make you a smarter player who can think creatively and make better and better decisions. Be ready to respond with your own scrappy strategies to fend strong and rich enemies off and blow them out of the water. The real summary is: players who don’t spend money on Clash Royale still have the potential to be the best players on this planet. As I said, the patience and unique strategy is the key, don’t waste your gold or gams for stupid reasons.

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